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I can only eat so many beans...

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Help! (please) ;)
I have been eating low-carb for about 4 years now (Should've started a LONG time ago!) and recently became a vegetarian (for reasons you probably don't want to know ;). Just wondering if all you smart people out there who have experimented with food have suggestions for me to get enough protein and also not load up on the blood sugar enemy - carbs!
I find a lot of vegetarian meals make up for the lack of meat with things like rice and potato and such.
Anyway...would love to hear (see ;) your thoughts.
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Yes, they DO.

I have been a vegetarian for decades ... and am now low-carbing. It is challenging. I do not tolerate beans at all well. Instead I eat so-called "meat analogs" a lot, inflaming the ire of paleos and anti-soy and anti-gluten people everywhere.
I do eat beans every now and again... but only in small serves. I'm fine with them personally. But they are known to raise BGLs from what I've been told.
I don't eat them often, mostly in my Chili. I've had to 1/2 the amount of beans I put in, and substituted a little more meat. (Not helpful for vegans, I know, lol.)
Black soy beans work f or me -- IF I add them cold to the rest of my chili! Or make a salad and chill it ...
I was a vegetarian before diabetes when I was dx'd with 240 fasting. I evidently was eating way too many beans, cereals, quinoa, barley, etc. I now eat meat 3 days a week and do veggie meals 4 days a week. I eat beans only once a week and usually use 1/2 black beans and 1/2 chili beans and I add lots of meat and veggies. I do eggplant once a week and usually some kind of stuffed mushrooms or stuffed zucchini once a week. Eating meat in small amounts has helped my bgs. We also do lots of egg dishes like Frittatas and quiches.
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