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Im new here and Im sure some of you remember I was freaking out over #s and trying whatever I need to do to get my #s in the normal range---

well now I feel alittle better--my husband had MRSA again--he had it in March and now again--He thought maybe stress had something to do with it (hes been worried about me since I was such a basketcase!!!) and he just graduated now the loans are due and hes trying to find a job--so alot going on

anyways why I feel better now is my last set of tests my #s were better then his and yet I had to watch what I ate and had to see the dieticain--

so when my husband went for a follow up he was talking to the dr about me and the dr though he had me some meds for the BS but I brought the #s down through eating (or should I say not eating) and exxcerise and my #s are almost normal--104 fasting 106 2 hr after BF

and he said that if my #S do go up I just need to cut back alittle

now all I have to do is lighten up a bit--Ive been feeling so low and miserable for almost a yr!!!

Ive learned so very much here and it was nice to have someone to vent too hubby gets tired of listening to me once in awhile

Im for sure going to stick around here there looking for more tips--

thanks everyone
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