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I have some extra insulin I’d like to donate to someone in need

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Have been weaning myself off of insulin and as a result, I have a bunch that I will not be using. I believe this might be a bit of a no-no, and I am looking for absolutely nothing in return just hoping to find someone who would benefit from it, hopefully close to me in the Sacramento California area
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Jim, welcome to our community!

I'm not familiar with the laws in California but in most states it is illegal to redistribute prescribed medications unless you are part of an organization that is approved to handle that kind of donation. In other words, you as an individual can't legally sell or even just give someone unused insulin (or other medications).

However, there are several organizations that do collect unused insulin (and test strips and glucagon and such) and distribute them to people who need them. You might want to do a Web search for donate unused insulin california to see what is available in your area. [ETA there also are organizations that accept insulin and such for use on diabetic dogs and cats.]

I have to ask -- how have you been weaning yourself off insulin? It would be great if you could take the time to post a bit about yourself in our New Member Introductions forum.
Welcome to the forum jimverdi. Looking forward to hearing more from and about you.
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