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I need advice

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I already posted this under Introduce Yourself but I don't know if people really read that so here it is again.

Hello everyone,
My name is Casey. I am not diabetic but my father is. He is 64 years old, he has had adult onset diabetes for about 15 years simply from a terrible terrible diet.
By terrible I mean ice cream everyday, nothing but complete junk food like zingers, doritos, fastfood etc. He will not touch a vegetable, except potatoes. He also doesn't get any exercise at all. Shockingly he is thin. He always has been. I don't know how.
He takes insulin injections everyday and he thinks that as long as he does that he can eat whatever he wants. He actually thinks that he is healthy as long as he is thin.
What I really really need is a way to show him the reality of how this disease will affect him as he gets older if he doesn't make a change. I would really like to show him the most morbid examples that I can find. I think that might get his attention.
Do you know any documentaries or websites that might bring him into reality. I don't think I could get him to read a book about it. He would blow it off.
I want my dad to be around for a long time and I want him to be healthy for a long time. I don't know what I would do without him.
Do you have any advice for me?
Thank you so much,
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Oh, Casey, that's heartbreaking! The worst is that there is very little you can do. Your father must take responsibility for his health himself. With diabetes especially, the keys to good health are in our own hands.

I do know that Dr Oz did a show on Oprah a few months back that graphically depicted some of the results of diabetes complications. I am not a fan of Dr Oz & didn't see that show, but I think some of it is still on Oprah's website or Youtube.

Good luck in helping your Dad see the light. Keep us posted of your results!
Hello Casey. Here is a website that covers all areas of diabetes. This specific URL depicts the complications that can arise, but the entire site is a goldmine of information on diabetes.


Without knowing how old you are and how much influence you have on your dad, I can tell you to continue to emphasize to him how much you love him and that you want and need him around for many many years.
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