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my name is Johan.
I wrote a small java application which allows to calculate the amount of carbo hydrates in a meal, on a GSM. It's in Dutch and available on the Belgian forum.
I'm working on a translation in English. What I need is a carbo hydrate table in English, which I'm allowed to use and which contains enough information so that you all can use it.
What I need is a table (preferably Excel) with per line
- the name of the food
- the unit (eg "100 gram", "100 ml", 1 piece, ..)
- the amount of carbo hydrates in gram per unit
- optional : the amount of energy (kcal) per unit
- optional : the amount of fat in gram, per unit
- optional : the amount of proteins in grap, per unit

If anyone speaks Dutch, you can find an explanation about the application in Dutch here
Voedingsmiddelentabel op de GSM - Diabetes Forum.
An English explanation will be available.
You can download and install on your phone, the Dutch version of the application here :
It's free of charge.

thanks in advance,


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be aware that this is a jar to be installed on your GSM. You can also use your phone and via the wap browser go to

but this is a dutch version, an English version is on its way, it will probably contain this food table


Hi Johan:

Okay, I get what you mean. I just use the Calorie King on my tool
bar....and my memory for when I have something to eat when I'm
away from home. I also keep a small carb book in my purse, just in

That's a Great idea that you have there for the cell. Amazing what
can be done nowadays that far away. I'm sure it will be appreciated
by most. Thank You.

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