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Hi could anyone help me??
im 19, i finished school just over a year ago and ever since then ive stoppedmost forms of sport- i play tennis once a week but thats about it and my diet isn't overly bad- could be better though but hey im a uni student!in the last 6 months, ive noticed how thirsty i am getting, my family have all pointed it out too, sometimes in a work shift i will be drinking up to 10 glasses of water, i go to the bathroom every 2-3 hours, im constantly tired and lethargic, i have constant dark rings under my eyes, im always hungry, and i have gained 6 kilos already this year so far. i get urinary tract infections all the time and yeast infections, i have a tight chest quite often making it more difficult to take deep breaths. I thought maybe i could have diabetes, except on all the websites ive visited two of the main symptoms are weight loss and blurry vision, my eyesight isn't perfect but its not blurry and im gaining weight rather than losing it rapidly so does that mean i dont have it?
Thanks for your help!!
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