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Hi.... I am considering eye laser surgery to correct my shortsightedness (-3.25 in both eyes); however, i'm type 1 diabetic. I would be greatful if anyone could let me know whether or not being diabetic could cause any additional complications with my eyes. Eye nerve damage and blindness is already a big deal when you're diabetic and i wouldn't want to have the surgery to find that i end up with worse sight than before or going blind. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you! :-*

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Hey Sugar_Ray! Great name! :D Welcome to our Forum.

Unfortunately, many Diabetics have also complained of
Astigmatism. Like Diabetes isn't enough to contend with.

It was not recommended many years ago. But in the past
12 years or so the Ophthalmologists have been agreeing
with it and many even performing the surgeries themselves.

You should have your Ophthalmologist check your eyes first
and consult with him/her. Your sugar control should be in Good
shape also so that your eyes will heal properly and less chance
of a problem occurring.

I have heard from about 12 People that had it done and they
are Happy about doing it since it really improved their lives.
There was only one Lady that it didn't work as well for(she did
not have Diabetes).

It's Best to get it done by your Ophtho if he does that type of
surgery, even though it may be more expensive. Or by a reputable
centre. Perhaps you've had Good feedback from acquaintances
that had the same work done. Ask around. There are many Good
ones out there.

Thanks for asking and we wish you Good Luck on your decision. :)
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