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I need some opinions...Diabetes or no?

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Hello, I'm new on here and I just wanted some's my story...I'm a 16 year old girl, fairly active, 5 feet tall, 95 lbs and there is a history of Diabetes in my family. My mom had GD while she was pregnant with me and my grandma was Diabetic.
I went to the ER about 3 months ago, I passed out during marching band. They checked for things like Epilepsy (because it runs in my family) and dehydration. They didn't take a blood test but referred me to a doctor that would do blood work. I got the blood work done and my blood sugar was low. (around 50) The doctor diagnosed me Hypoglycemic and the sent me to an Endocrinologist. While I was aiting for my Endocrinologist appointment, I kept a symptom log. I would have spells of numbness in my legs followed by blurry vision with dizziness and shakyness. I was also very thirsty all the time. I also had an overall feeling of weakness and fatigue all the time. I often felt light headed.
The Endocrinologist told me there was nothing wrong with me, but this upset me because he did absolutly no bloodwork, no testing or anything. He simply asked me my symptoms and said " Your not Hypoglycemic, you are healthy" and I asked him why I was having strange symptoms and he told me it was vertigo.
My mom was very upset and took me to another doctor. He is doing bloodwork next week but I just wanted some opinions...does this sound like Diabetes? Or Hyposlycemia? Or is it simply vertigo?
Thank you
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Hello and Welcome to our community. I think that to have with you is a drink of OJ or something sweet as this will keep you marching. ;) I would get a Glucose Meter anyway and take tests say once a day.
If you feel less than OK have an OJ. LOL That rimes. :eek::) Meanwhile keep marching. :D
No doctor should have made that diagnosis without a blood test. I am glad you are seeing another endocrinologist. It sounds like hypoglycemia but there are other conditions that could have some of those symptoms. Let us know what the second endo says. Good luck!

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