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Hi All, I started a journey of managing my diabetes and losing weight about a year and 9months ago. I saw some really impressive gains in the first 3 months, some of it I still enjoy even though I am about to tell you about how much I've gone off the rails in the past few months and more.

Two years ago, I was T2 with a double digit A1C, taking about 40-60 units of insulin just to keep my bg in the low teens. I was 385lbs and well aware that I was a desaster waiting to happen.

I switched to a LCHF/keto diet, started intermittent fasting, And started counting my steps.

In two months, I dropped to 332 lbs, my A1C dropped to 6.3%, my bg reading started to hangout at 6-8mmol/l. And, stepps per day went up to 12000 steps from 2500 steps.

I suffered a pulmonary embolism in both lungs as a result of mu type 2 diabetes legs. that knocked me of my game for about a month.

rthe next 3 m9nths, i made progress everywhere but no weight loss.

the next 3 months, still no weight loss, and so on and so on...

This past summer I backslide from 342ish lbs to my current weight of 358lbs. If you bel8eve in body set point, mine seems stuck at 352lbs.

whats worse, I am not doing my daily walks.And, I've been totally violating my new way of eating with every carby food you can imagine except I still do not eat pasta, bread, potato chips. My leg is swollen with open sores. I have elevated blood sugars and too damn depressed to check what they are.

It 8s safe to say that I feel tired, achy, descouraged, and frustrated.
last week, Iike every week, I recommited to a OMAD keto diet, by wednes it has been tossed out the window.

About the only thing I'm sure about is my goals haven't changed and the 2nd best time to start my journey is NOW, 2 years ago would have been way better.

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NSDad, thank you for posting this. It takes something extra to admit publicly when things have gone off the rails. I have to say I missed you posting about your "Let's try it!" experiments when it came to keto and IF and such. Some of them were things I wasn't in a rush to try for myself but I always want to see what works for others.

Over the past year or so I've experienced some frustration myself: a weight stall and a bunch of complications of life; most of which, it turns out, have a common root. All of which have made me less diligent about how much I eat and exercise (which probably has something to do with the weight stall; it all comes around, doesn’t it?).

Can I gently suggest that, if you haven't already, you examine if there are other factors in your life that are making your diabetes-management efforts either lower in priority or are outright sabotaging what you're doing? In my case, addressing my "root issue" will help me immensely in many ways, including BG control and general health, though it is not a trivial effort. I get by on habit and, so far, that's (barely) kept me on the train. I'm looking forward to taking a more active role in managing my health, but that will come with time. (It all comes around, doesn’t it?)

Now, though, please let us help support you however you need it -- commisseration, ideas, a virtual "push" -- let us know. It's one of the things I most value about this group of people. I'm guessing all of us, at some point, have been where you are. I'm hopeful we can help you turn the tide. You had a great start; you can do it again.

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Hi NSDad, welcome back. Glad to see you.

Sorry to hear of you relapsing on your management on your BG. You know what needs to be done to get that back, so no need harping on something you already know and were doing very well.

As far as the sores, that is something you definitely need to get addressed quickly. Getting a handle on the BG will help, but I think maybe medical intervention might be a good thing to pursue, the sooner the better.

I kind of fell off the OMAD since starting a new job working days, Monday -Friday. I'm still eating one meal, I just snack on lunch meat cheese, cheese, pork rinds, and/or nuts when everyone else goes out to lunch.

I too seem to plateau'd on my weight. I would like to get down to 170 but just seem to hang out at 180. I've thought of doing an extended fast, but have read some stuff on fast mimicking diet FMD. I think I will give that a shot before water only. I posted on it here, no one seemed to be interested. I thought about you when I read it and was hoping you might come across it and comment about your thoughts on it. I'll do a home made version of this instead of buying the recommended product because of the carb content and the cost.

Sometimes dumping calories does result in weight loss that is maintained, but frequently it is not. I think for those who can exercise, maybe increase the activity some and at the same time increase the calories a little. Maybe a little boost in exercise and calories (from healthy fats preferably) will cause the metabolism to ramp up too.
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Hi NSDad - I can relate. I wasn't here for your story because I was too busy not attending to my diabetes. Recently returned because it was time to regain control and that felt, and feels, good.

The other thing that felt good was not beating myself up re my extended lapse. We need to give ourselves credit for knocking ourselves upside the head and doing something about it. Sounds like you're ready, as I was.

Although I would like to lose some weight, my personal focus is first on getting my diabetes control where I want it, and hopefully some weight loss will be my reward but if not, I view my diabetes as the most critical issue.

Like you, I wasn't eating the most obvious carb villains but since I wasn't testing (or getting A1Cs) it was easy to use some lower-carb exceptions frequently enough that they became a destructive norm. The result was not pretty - an eventual 9.5 A1C after having lived in the 5's.

I agree with mbuster about addressing your sores ASAP. I had a friend with sores on his feet and his delay in acknowledging them resulted in a leg loss. Open sores can be serious stuff for a diabetic.

btw- you live in a spectacular location! One of the best holidays I ever had was 6 weeks exploring NS because of your varied beauty and frankly the people, some of the most open, friendly and generous-of-spirit people anywhere.
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wow. thanks everyone, I'm going to make this one of my last posts on this thread but look forward to meet up with you all in other threads.

I got the open sores on legs sorted out.

I have learned that cheap elastic 'knee brace' tubes from the dollarstore help my circulation. They helped alot when i had sores, but now that i'm healed, I believe they add preventative benefits by reducing my leg swelling. The last several months, the swelling is down and my skin is looking healthy rather than merely healed. This is the result of better overall leg care over the past 6-8 months.

Unfortunately, hot weather has brought back the swelling, but I'm going to step up my preventative efforts. The days of roaming the house without compression on my legs will be deferred until this fall.

I have compression stockings too, so for those that want me to wear them, I promise that I will.

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