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I need to reboot my efforts

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Hi All, I started a journey of managing my diabetes and losing weight about a year and 9months ago. I saw some really impressive gains in the first 3 months, some of it I still enjoy even though I am about to tell you about how much I've gone off the rails in the past few months and more.

Two years ago, I was T2 with a double digit A1C, taking about 40-60 units of insulin just to keep my bg in the low teens. I was 385lbs and well aware that I was a desaster waiting to happen.

I switched to a LCHF/keto diet, started intermittent fasting, And started counting my steps.

In two months, I dropped to 332 lbs, my A1C dropped to 6.3%, my bg reading started to hangout at 6-8mmol/l. And, stepps per day went up to 12000 steps from 2500 steps.

I suffered a pulmonary embolism in both lungs as a result of mu type 2 diabetes legs. that knocked me of my game for about a month.

rthe next 3 m9nths, i made progress everywhere but no weight loss.

the next 3 months, still no weight loss, and so on and so on...

This past summer I backslide from 342ish lbs to my current weight of 358lbs. If you bel8eve in body set point, mine seems stuck at 352lbs.

whats worse, I am not doing my daily walks.And, I've been totally violating my new way of eating with every carby food you can imagine except I still do not eat pasta, bread, potato chips. My leg is swollen with open sores. I have elevated blood sugars and too damn depressed to check what they are.

It 8s safe to say that I feel tired, achy, descouraged, and frustrated.
last week, Iike every week, I recommited to a OMAD keto diet, by wednes it has been tossed out the window.

About the only thing I'm sure about is my goals haven't changed and the 2nd best time to start my journey is NOW, 2 years ago would have been way better.
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When it is time to get back to the basics, I always return to this...
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