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Taken From The Chatroom by Terrie---Titled: "ohhhh" --by curedit

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curedit said:
cheeseburger,,,,ohhh,,,,fries,,,,cheeeessseee burrger,mmmmmmm,,i could murder one,,,strewth,i can smell cheese burgers,right thats it,lol ,time to defrost some mince beef,diets gone for today.
i`m celebrating 4 months without insulin today,and i aint had a drink since before christmas,whats the story with diabetes and alcohol,kind folk.
I`m starting to realise why they call this phase the honneymoon period,lol,i must not slip back to old habits of pigging out on junk food,its hard work sticking to a healthy diet.
bye for now

If your Diabetes is not under control it can lead to bad consequences .

Alcohol can make other health conditions worse, like high blood pressure, pain and other symptoms from Diabetic nerve damage can be made worse and may even bring on nerve damage. Diabetic eye disease may be made worse by drinking 3 or more alcoholic drinks a day. The liver cannot clear
the fat from your blood properly plus more triglycerides are made because of alcohol consumption.

If a Diabetic takes insulin shots or oral diabetes pills, they risk low blood sugar when they drink alcohol and possibly life-threatening seizures.

In normal circumstances, if a Diabetic’s sugar starts dropping, their liver is responsible for changing the stored carbs into glucose. The liver then sends the glucose into the blood stream to help stop a low or slow down a low blood sugar reaction. But the liver cant send out this glucose while it is busy clearing
the alcohol out of the Person’s system. About 2 drinks on an empty stomach can lead to a very low blood sugar.

Playing on the safer side, if you must drink then limiting your alcohol usage to 2 a Day(for men) or 1 a day (for women)is recommended by ADA(consuming alcohol with a meal, or snack or having a glass of water between alcoholic drinks
is a Good idea).
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