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Hi All,

I am really Diana and originally I was born in Texas but now I live in Nova Scotia -- God's Country!!! I am morbidly obese and have type 2 diabetes and found this website while looking into lapband surgery and vertical sleeve surgery. Would welcome any feedback on either procedure!!! I was considering the first and discovered the second while surfing the web looking for info on the first. Anyone know of Dr.'s in NS who do the surgery? Is is covered by MSI? Frank??? Did MSI cover yours? I read that many had to pay almost $5,000 and I can't afford that!
Hello Diana and :welcome: to the forum! Come on in and get comfortable. There is a wealth of information on here for T2 diabetics. If you can't find something, just do a search on the forum page in the white box. Good luck with your surgery! I hope that you have time to visit often and take care!
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