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Welcome Diana! I know nothing about the surgeries you're looking into so, but wanted to welcome you and say that I had 6 of the best travel weeks of my life in Nova Scotia! Celebrated my 50th there, spending up to a week at various cottages along the coasts. The people are some of the most open, trusting, gracious, terrific people on the planet. I've so many heart-warming stories and if I could afford it, I'd have a vacation house there to spend a few months/year.

When I was there, there was a huge controversy about getting another bone density machine in the province. A guild collected the money for it, but then the hospital didn't want to accept it because they said they hadn't funds for the technician. Then the guild raised money for a year's salary for a technician, then were told a bone density machine wasn't important and what about after the year? I never learned how it was resolved. We all have health care frustrations, they're just different. I hope you can get coverage for whatever your medical needs are.

Oh yes - welcome again :)
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