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Hi Everyone-Iam tired and about to go to bed-but I wrote this on
another forum a couple of hours ago!Maybe I am repeating this
from another forum but its new to you and I still mean every word!!
Let me know what you think!!!!
or you can call me BigMikey:D

Thanks for the replies-I am sorry to say I am not
as happy as I was yesterday!!!!!!! I am about 100
more times happy!!!!!This WAS a life changing
thing for me and for once in my life[and the rest of my life]it was not a negative thing!!
I AM GOING TO BE A POSITIVE PERSON!!!! It is so easy guys-[at least
for me!!!] I am so happy I am about ready to burst!!!
Do you remember that song by Bobby Mcferrin that was a hit about 20 years ago--Dont Worry,Be Happy-everytime I heard that song I
was ready to punch the jukebox or the radio[I was a very negative
person then] Now it is going to be my theme song!!!!!!
Bye Everybody I promise to keep in touch! Will give my new philosophy to anybody that wants to hear it ,but you better get it
now because I plan to write a book in the future and make a couple of million dollars!!By the way,everyone in my family thinks I
am crazy but if I am ---Isnt it better to have them think I am crazy for
something positive----Think about it-that is a little part of my new
Love almost everybody
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