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I have about 50 boxes of Medtronic MiniMed Sof-Set Ultimate QR Infusion Sets for sale (individually or as a group). These are used for insulin pumps that use the luer lock connection. They are MMT-315 and come in a box of twelve. They expire in 2010 and all boxes are sealed. The length of the tubing is 42 inches and they have a quick disconnect on the tubing. The canula is 9mm and goes in at a 90 degree angle. I also have two of the inserters for the infusion sets. I have other miscellaneous diabetic supplies that I am selling too. I am no longer on an insulin pump so I do not need these supplies any more. The asking price for each box is $50.00, these boxes retail for approximately $140.00 each. If the item is shipped, I will charge only the actual shipping charge. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. Thanks. [email protected] 316-554-0330 / 316-200-2147


Sorry, to have to mention this but I believe it is illegal to re-sell
anything that is by prescription whether it be drugs, pumps and
accessories, etc. in Kansas or any other state in the US.

You and/or the person who purchases it can be charged.
They're so picky. ;)
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