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Insulin and mood

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I'm currently taking Lantus after having tried Detemir in the past.

When I was on Detemir my depression became much worse. I'm diagnosed Major Depression Recurrent.

The Lantus does not do that to me but it makes me very tired. When I skip a couple of doses I come up out of the excessive tiredness.

I'm currently trying to find the "sweet spot" of how much and when to take it. I'm recording all my food again, and I've managed to cut some more carb foods out of my diet.

In the meantime while pursuing this I'm curious if anyone one else here has experienced these effects from insulin.
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Actually the detemir did not cause the depression but made it worse.

I'm currently taking a strong look at the keto way of eating and seeing if I will be able to make it work. At present my husband does all the cooking because depression keeps me from doing much food preparation.

One step at a time. :D
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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