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Hello all,
I have what is probably a silly question. I know you will all say don't worry about it and I thank you for that. My main question is: "What do I do when I have no choice but to expose my insulin to extreme temperatures?"
I know that I am supposed to keep it in not too hot and not too cold situations. I would never leave it in the car or by a window at the house.
The main reason I am asking this is because I went golfing today. It was around 90Deg outside and with the insulin in my backpack, the temperature in there might have been even higher (maybe into the low 100s). I need to keep all of my stuff near me, and since I was going to be golfing I couldn't leave it in the car. I also couldn't leave it at home were it would be 30 minutes away.
So is I know this isn't supposed to happen, but what should I do in these situations? Any advice would be helpful.
Thank you in advance for your help,
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