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Does anybody know of a good source for determining pre-meal insulin doses based on insulin type and carb counts for the meal. I'm not sure how to properly ask this question, but I find myself going low more often these days. I would like to be able to determine my dose based on current BGL's and the amount of carbs I plan on eating for the meal.
I take Novolin N Pre-breakfast mixed with Novolin R. At dinner I take Novolin R only and at bedtime I take Novolin N again. I also take Metformin. I know it's not an exact science, but I would like to have a better idea on what to take Pre-Dinner with the Novolin R. If I eat properly to lose weight, I am gonna be changing the dose often and would like to have an idea of what I am doing. The availability of my Doctor is limited.
Hope I asked this properly.
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