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Insulin in pumps

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I finally figured out what was causing pod occlusion during priming of new pods on my new Omnipod system.

Cold insulin is the culprit. Apparently, the insulin really has to be at room temperature to avoid tiny bubbles concluding the cannula.

Takes a bit of extra planning, but putting the vial in my pocket for a half hour or so seems to do the trick.

Haven't had a problem since I started doing this.

I worry a little about the insulin heating and cooling 3-4 times before the vial is empty, but so far it seems okay.
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After I start a vial -- I leave it at room temp -- it says that it is good for 30 days at room temp.... makes for better injections...
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I'm not a regular insulin user but when I was using it, the instructions I received were that unopened pens were to be kept in the fridge but before use, should be brought up to room temperature.

And once at room temperature, they were to be kept at room temperature until used up or had been out for thirty days. At that point they were to be discarded.

So, yep, my understanding fits nicely with newgrange's.
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Thanks, guys! No doubt I read that somewhere in the instructions or heard it from some trainer but happily forgot all about it.

Once again demonstrating the typical musician's persistent disregard for such matters...
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