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Insulin Pump Info

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I am a type 1 diagnosed about 22 years ago. I currently use insulin pens and a dexcom for monitoring. I have thought about a pump for years but have had reservations about a few things.

I have not researched in years now so I am looking for info about the best options available in pumps now. I know some have integration with CGMS, which is great. Like I said I use a Dexcom now. I just recently found out that Animas and Cozmo are no more, so it seems like there are very few choices for pumps of diabetes treatment in general.

Anyone have any good info or suggestions?
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I love my OmniPod. No tubing. One of the best things about a pump is the ability to change the Basal. when on pens If I ended up doing more physical work than I thought I was going to do when I inj my morning Basal, Id have keep eating candy and such to keep my BG up. with my pump I can change the basal on the fly.
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