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Insulin pumps and cgm's

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My Endo has recently brought up the idea of going to a pump and I just want to get y'all's opinion on them and cgms. What pump do you use and why do you like it? How is the pick in comparison to the needle pick in insulin pens?

On cgms do you keep that on you like the pump? Or is it a temporary thing? Does it replace finger pricking? How do they work exactly.

Thanks for you for your input.

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You might try using some surgical tape to help hold the cannula in place. You might also try shaving the site if there's a lot of hair. Of course, I'm sure you're cleaning the site with alcohol swabs before you put it in place.

Not sure about air in the line as I use a different pump, but I'd call the Medtronic help line.

I know with Omnipod its important to have insulin at room temperature before filling the pods - otherwise the cannula is liable to occlude with tiny air bubbles.
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There is no visible sign that the cannula has been moved except that when the adhesive is peeled away, it is obvious that it is out of the spot that it pierced through the skin. Guess we could try the tape anyway. We already shave and clean the location with alcohol. My stubborn son won't listen about calling the help line.
I hope your stubborn son recognizes that he's compromising his father's treatment.
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I've heard of two different kinds of tape: Tegaderm and IV4000 that reportedly work well. Some people use an adhesive called Skin Tac that they find effective.

I just use the store brand when necessary and that seems adequate but is itchy.

Sounds like stubborn son might benefit from either an attitude adjustment or attendance at the training sessions. No doubt he's motivated by concern, love and fear, but doesn't understand the stress you're under along the way.

When I insert the CGM cannula, I pinch up my skin and press my fingers around the adhesive to help assure good adhesion. I still often find it peeling away toward the end of its 7-day cycle for some reason. I think I'm going to try the Skin Tac if I can find it.

Omnipod, on the other hand, seems to have improved the adhesive on their new pods and I have no problems at all. Don't know why the CGM manufacturer can't do the same.
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