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Ok, I am going to make these questions as easy as I can. First off I am a Type 1 diabetic, if you dont know what that means (I have to take insulin as my pancreas makes none) please dont respond.

1. Insulin is said to be anabolic, yet can store fat at an alarming rate as well. How do I avoid this? Does insulin sensitivity have to do with it? I mean, say I eat the same diet as my diabetic friend, 400 carbs a day, but I only need 30 units of Insulin to cover it and HE needs 80 units of Insulin to cover it would he gain fat or what?

2. Insulin is what "drives" nutrients into the muscles especially carbs. BUT what about protein? With me making NO insulin how will the protein be shuttled into muscles? Also of workout shakes and such contain carbs along with the protein to cause an "Insulin spike" to get the nutrients delivered. BUT what if I choose to go NO CARB and HIGH protein, meaning I wont take any will the protien get into muscles? Is the insulin needed to get it delivered?

3. Does more insulin mean more muscle? Like currently, I take about 40 units throughout the day and about 3000 calories. What if I got the same amout of cals, but less of it from carbs so I only need 20 units of insulin? Would the difference affect muscle?
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