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Intermittent Fasting and Health – What’s the Scientific Evidence?

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An article from Dr Axel F Sigurdsson (Doc's Opinion) on intermittent fasting, an 11 minute read.

Although we have recently seen tremendous progress in the development of medical treatments for metabolic disorders and obesity, I still believe that nutritional and lifestyle measures are key to long-term success. As such, intermittent fasting is an exciting approach that, if used sensibly, is likely to reduce body weight and improve metabolic health. Animal studies have even suggested that it may promote healthy aging and increase longevity.

This article aims to answer several essential questions about intermittent fasting and the current scientific evidence supporting its benefits.
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I think the old guard here wasn't much in favor of it or Jason Fung, I think he was a big promoter of IF back then. It does work though. NSDAd was into longer term fasts too. I'm interested in trying, I just haven't put my mind into starting one yet.
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