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I found this site going through a search and thought I'd join. I was diagnosed October 2nd 2000 at age of 16. It has been almost been 8 years now. I am currently on 3 shots of Humalog per day with correct dosages if needed. Its a 2u:10gms carb ratio + 2 u for every 40 over 150 correction. I also take Lantus 30 u in the morning and 34 u at night.

I'm married. I'm a psychology major.

Besides the diabetes I have bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, social phobia, and panic attacks. I am on Lithium carbonate 150 mg twice a day. Its been a struggle. Too high of a dosage like I was on before drives me nuts. I was at 900 mg, so we are trying a lower dosage because I was going without for awhile.

Well if you want to know more just ask.
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