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Hi All,

I am Srinidhi (Sri) a 48 year old Type 2 Diabetic for the last 12 years. It was discovered when i had an attack of sub-cutaneous vasculitis which rendered me immobile due to muscle wastage. Over time , i started walking and eventually took up cycling to keep fit .

I cycle 20kms daily and a few long rides over weekends.
My current HbA1c levels are at 6.2
I am on Jalra50/500 / Triglynase 2mg and Voglibose 0.3 two times a day for my BS control and Telma-H in the morning to control my Blood pressure. I also have been advised to take Rosebay-10 once a day at night.

As a precaution to the above, i also take a pinch of crushed cinnamon everyday before going on my cycling rides..

Nice to join this group

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