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Hello: :)

1. Yes, it takes a week or 2 max, to get full benefit of Amaryl.
2. Yes, it also takes a week or 2 to get the full benefit of Repaglinide.
3. No, it is not dangerous to combine these drugs.

I'm wondering why your Shrink told you to go off of Amaryl. Are you on an anti-depressant? Did he/she say that the Amaryl doesn't react Good with your anti-depressant?

Insulin is being used more and more with Type 2's to get their sugars under control. Then they are usually put back on just the oral medications.

Along with these drugs, exercise and diet are recommended to keep blood sugars in control. Try not to miss the dosage times. Test your sugars and keep a log of them and what you ate to show your Dr. so he can see how the drugs are working for you.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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