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Hello....I purchased a Freestyle Libre out of curiosity and would welcome your comments on these readings. Would they be considered normal or early LADA? Hbalc 5.6 (range 4 - 5.6), fasting 4.4. I have been GAD positive for years and have Addisons, Hashimotos & Pernicious Anaemia.

Thank you and Happy New Year x


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Hi MrsL, here on the forum we aren't doctors and can't give medical advice. Any advice you hear from me should be considered opinion and your doctor should be consulted before following it.

I do know that the diseases you have listed are considered auto immune diseases, so there is the possibility you may have/get others. LADA is an autoimmune disease. The presence of GAD antibodies is associated with Type1 diabetes or LADA but only about 75% of those people with Type 1/LADA test positive for GAD antibodies and there are a few other things that can cause the antibodies.

I don't think that the BG readings tell anything just by themselves. I think a specialist doctor would have to run more tests to conclude if you were LADA. If you are indeed LADA, you have had a very long honeymoon period and are still in it with your BG levels showing a spike and then coming back down to normal/near normal levels. I don't know the cause of the spikes or if you are taking any supplement/medication to control your BG.

Again, this is just my opinion/guesses.
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