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Ok, so I am new to the forums, but not new to diabetes.

It is possible. If your body has a reserve if you approach a low fast (nearing a coma, sometimes when in it) your body will use up the reserves. While this save you from your hypoglycemia it does go overboard especially if you corrected the low with additional food. However slightly bigger dosages of insulin on it's own does not make your blood sugar level rise.

What is more, never stay on low BG. For example if you are staying on 63-81 it's actually just as unhealthy or worse then keeping a high, since your body is strained and you do not get reserves (should a hypo coma hit you and no one is there to give you glucagon your chances of surviving decrease) as well as the fact that the body while not getting enough energy from carbs will use fat, which produces a byproduct that is very harmfull to the organism.

Went a bit over-kill with the answer, but better you know everything about the immediate area of the matter.

In short adjusting the dose is very good. If you go to a clinic, they set you up with a dosage and you use the exact same thing at home: you are doing it wrong. Doctors don't give T1 diabetics exact dosages. They give guidlines, more of a starting point. Ussually you need a bit more (I use a pump, my daily set by doctor was ~45-48, but after tunning it myself it went up to 54-60 units per day)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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