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Islet Transplantation

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I have to say that I don't want to give this information to people for fear that they could take my spot, but I also would like to go to sleep at night, lol. I do not qualify for the Clinical trial, because I have only had it for <5 years and I do not have hypoglycemic unawareness. Anyways they called me and we talked, there are several Clinical trials going on thru the United states and Canada. The longest standing patient has been "cured" for 10 years. That is amazing.

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For me it is just not worth shutting down my entire imune system just so I don't have to do what have become really simple things.

I definately agree with you about not wanting to shutting down the immune system. I have not looked into it 100%, but I think that the anti rejection medication is less powerful than if you had a transplanted pancrease. That is just my understanding, could be different. I want to call them up and ask them what the usual side effects are, but there really is no point for me. I am not eligible for the Clinical trial so I haven't looked at the side effects. I agree that it is simple to inject insulin and check my sugar, but to have a good balance A1c, i have not figured that one out yet. Not sure i will ever be able to have the low 6 high 5 numbers that a lot of people have on here. The are having a convention in Maryland about it, I can not make it, or I would go.
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