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My wife and I attended the Joslin Medalist Meet-up in Boston on June 4. It was very enjoyable and informative. There were approximately 120 Medalists there, all of whom have been T1 for 50 years or more. One man there has been T1 for 84 years, and is 90 years old. I have been T1 for only 65 years, so I felt humble in his presence. We learned many things when the Joslin Type 1 Study was updated. I will be preparing a blog of sorts about that at a later time.

I met many wonderful people and made new friends. Two of the medalists had bought my book and had me sign it for them. I felt honored to do that for my friend Tom, who has been T1 for three years longer than me.

Kerri Sparling was there, even though she has been T 1 for only 25 years. Kerri is a very well known personality online, and has been very active and helpful to diabetics in so many ways. I really admire her and am happy that she was at Joslin to make this video:

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