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Judy from Minnesota

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Hello, I finally figured out the forum does not cooperate with my AOL browser, I hope it updates soon!
I am a Type 2 who is sensitive or allergic to just about EVERY diabetes medicine. Prandin served me well for many years, but isn't now. I take Levemir at night and have good #'s in the morning but when I take the Levemir in the morning, about 2 hours later it knocks me out and I can't do anything all day. I'm afraid to take it tomorrow morning because I have to drive somewhere. I've gone from 12 to 10 and now I'm going to try 7 to see if it will affect my blood sugars but yet allow me to do what I need to do during the day. Both my mom and dad are sick and I have a lot to do. I can't be being all cotton-headed and not able to keep my eyes open. I can't get into a diabetes doctor until 1-20, I meet with a nurse next week 1-13. I'm scared of these medicines. The next step would be the Huma-whatever or the Novolog. I'm scared of those too.
I'm a little person, 4 foot 6 and am not certain how that plays into playing with the medicine. Well, I better go to bed. Good night.
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Some people do have allergic reactions to the newer insulins, talk to your doctor about switching. Have you tried all the type 2 meds- metformin, glipizide, onglyza, januvia, actos, victoza and byetta. Sometimes it is trial and error in finding what works. Also what is your diet like. You say the Levemir knocks you out. What do you normally eat for breakfast. If you are eating a breakfast high in carbs, that may be part of your tiredness. I have to eat a very low carb, high protein and fat breakfast otherwise I tend to nod off, too.
I tend to be much higher in the morning so I can't eat any carbs. I have given up cereal and bread mostly and fruit. The only yogurt I can eat is plain greek yogurt in very small amounts (3 oz) about 2-3 carbs. I usually eat bacon and eggs or a bran cracker with coconut oil, almond butter and Walden Farms 0 carb jam. Sometimes I make my very low carb waffles using whey powder instead of flour. Since you cannot take most type 2 meds and insulin bother you I would suggest you try to go very low carb, mostly proten, fat and green veggies.
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