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Juvenile Diabetes?

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:confused: How many people have had Diabetes as a child? I recently found out I have Diabetes Type 2 and I'm 30, can you be a Type 2 as a child or born a Type 1? I don't think I was diabeteic all my life but I know my father is diabetic. I wasn't sure if type 1 in juveniles was them being a type 2 formed into a type 1 or if they are born a type 1, or both ways?
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hi, diabetes is not heredictary. So i can see you got from birth.But one thing i can tell is that diabetes is gotten though intake of too many carb. Well, i advise that you see your doctor for proper check up.
Welcome to our forum, Characteristics. There are many many variations with diabetes and that's one of the reasons it's so hard to get a correct diagnosis. There is definitely a hereditary component. When your medical professional takes your history, that's why they ask if anyone in your family has diabetes - because it puts you at higher risk yourself.

Type 1 is no longer referred to as "juvenile diabetes". People in middle age have been diagnosed as being type 1. There are specific tests to determine this, one being the C-peptide test which tells if the pancreas is producing insulin, and if it is not, then the patient is type 1.

It may be less likely that children are found to be type 2, but even that risk in increasing what with the outbreak of childhood obesity.

I want to emphasize that eating carbohydrates is not the cause of diabetes. While ingesting large amounts of carbs exacerbates the symptoms of diabetes - elevating blood glucose . . . the causes of diabetes remain a mystery at this time, there is no cure at this time, and we do not bring it on ourselves, although our lifestyle can have an affect on how quickly it develops (and none of this applies to type 1 diabetes).

One good resource for basic diabetes information is found at BloodSugar101.
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I have been Type 1 for 64 years. I was diagnosed in 1945 when I was 6. My pancreas had stopped producing insulin. I had measels, chicken pox and mumps when I was 5. There were no vaccines for those diseases in the 1940's. All of those diseases, in a short period of time, resulted in damage to my pancreas. There are many things that can damage the pancreas and result in Type 1 diabetes. Insulin injections and now a pump, for 64 years, have kept me alive and healthy.

Type 2 diabetes is being diagnosed more and more frequently among children. It is primarily due to their poor eating habits and being overweight. There are adult Type 2's who develop insulin resistance and Tupe 2 diabetes due to side effects of medications, like steroids. Type 2 is not always due to being overweight.

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