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:eek:Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself to everyone, but you will have to excuse me if I do anything wrong as I have never taken part in any kind of Forum before. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland I have been happilly married for 32 years (I got married when I was 19), I have 3 grown up children and 2 beautiful grandchildren. I am morbidly obese and have a BMI of 55. I have felt ill for quite some time now and find that my illness is stopping me frm enjoying so many things in my life. I had a fasting blood test in my Drs on Tuesday and received a phone call from my Dr next day telling me that my blood sugar levels were high and that i had an appointment at the Diabetic Clinic on Fiday of next week. I am quite frightened at the prospect of having diabeties as I know nothing about the disease nor do I have any friends or family that have it. I have been overweight for the past 30 years and have tried everykind type of diet there is. Please help!
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