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Keto Diet Attacks

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Nina Teicholz substack article Is Keto Bad for the Heart? It appears to be the same old story, money talks and media lies.

Is it possible we’re seeing a campaign of weak science being corralled to scare people away from the ketogenic diet? Upon inspection, it turns out that the science behind these claims is not just flimsy, it’s non-existent. In the case of the ACC reports, for instance, there’s not even a pre-print of the study published to justify the dozens of headlines.
It’s one thing not to trust the media. Half of all Americans now believe news organizations deliberately mislead them--an historic low. However, distrusting groups like the AHA and ACC comes harder.

On the bright side, when your doctor or friend who’s read the spate of headlines this year tells you to steer clear of that “dangerous” keto diet, you can tell them that’s fake news. And when the next round of bad keto news comes, you’ll know to read between the headlines and check the facts.
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