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Ketoacidosis with low BS

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I admit I've never been very good at managing my diabetes, but I do make efforts.

I tried to go keto a few years and was super excited when my blood sugar seemed to come into a reasonable range without insulin, so I stopped using the insulin but continued the other meds and things seemed good.

I don't remember all the details back then, but I crashed and burned. I got sick. So I just went LCHF but still had to use quite a bit of insulin. That was working, even though it was really hard, if not impossible, to keep my BS in a decent range.

So I tried the intermittent fasting. 8hrs eating, 16hrs not eating. I lost about 20 pounds and actually looking a little frail. But anyway, I crashed and burned again. I got really sick, weak, and my urine burned like the fires of hell. I thought I had kidney stones or a UTI, but doctor said no.

The skin on my hands and feet started to peel like crazy and I got a massive cyst on my stomach, (grossest thing ever). My sugars were generally under 200 (good for me) and I thought everything was getting better.

But it seems that even with a reasonable BS level, I wasn't getting enough glucose into my organs.

But now I have swelling in my feet, a little numbness in my toes, shooting numbness up my neck.

I eat enough carbs that I'm not afraid to take a healthy dose of insulin
but I'm hoping that I haven't done so much damage I cannot recover from the other symptoms.

Wisdom is welcome.
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Hi, jb (if I may call you that :smile2:)!

The first thought that comes to my mind is if your doctor has tested you for LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults)? It may be that what looked like Type 2 when you started has moved closer to Type 1. If he or she hasn't done this already, have your doctor check your c-peptide levels. You may need different treatment than managing solely by diet.
Thanks for the update, jb. I'm sorry to hear about the tumor, but better to know that now, I suppose. Hope you get to speak with the doctor soon.
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