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I usually fast before I give blood because my BG is usually lower.
After I eat, my BG takes more than 4 hours to go back to a normal level.
My doctor never said I have to fast.
The last time I had to go after lunch and my egfr was much lower.
Does the egfr calculation account for the time a person last ate?
It can't account for what I ate for lunch.
It's not really really low, just noticeably worse than usual.

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From my experience when being poked for blood draws I've always been asked to come in fasting. There are some that doesn't require fasting. The GFR and eGFR testing procedure section on the site says you may not need to eat or drink or avoid certain foods for several hours prior to testing. Another site says the same thing about fasting, but mentions may need to stop certain meds too, both mention following your health care provider's guidelines. I would ask them next visit. I know its easy to get my lab work drawn around 8:30 in the morning at my PCP's office. They don't usually require an appointment to just get blood sample, but I got to see the doc sometime a day or two prior so that he can order what he wants drawn
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