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Just got the results of some blood work and was wondering if anyone might have any comments. I've been type 2 for a number of years and my BG numbers are all over the board. I'm on Humalog and Lantus and am very careful with my diet. My A1c is 6.4, not horrible, but not great either. The values which concern me are as follows:

GFR 51 (low normal is 60)
Creatinine 1.44 (high normal is 1.3)
BUN 29 (High normal is 26)
Protien Total Serum 5.9 (Low normal is 6.0)
RBC 3.36 (Low normal is 4.31)
Hemoglobin 10.1 (Low normal is 13)
Hematocrit 32 (Low normal is 40)

The RBC, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit have been low for many months ( 2yrs ago I had to have 2 units of whole blood) I'm concerned that I may be developing chronic kidney disease but there are no other symptoms. Comments??
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