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Kind of scared with my blood chemistry results

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After some hemming and hawing I decided to make an account despite lurker around here for a while. Mainly because I got a scare with I got my results recently

As a bit of a background, I've been overweight my whole life of 33 years and after peaking at 220lbs I dropped to 200 for the past year, my engineering job keeps me from getting regular work outs and I eat out a lot because I'm on the road a lot. Now up until this pandemic my FBS and AIC scores have been normal (not my cholesterol though) with my last test in 2019 at 5.4 A1C and 5.2 FBS

Then I got a test a few months in around February of 2020 and I got 4.8 FBS and an A1C of 6.0! So I was concerned but my doctor said I should just keep reducing my good intake which I did.

Come after fighting COVID off, I decided to do my yearly test just this week was 5.6FBS and 6.5 A1C I don't know what I'm doing or what to do at this point, I'm planning to meet my doctor this weekend. Does diabetes develop this fast? Is it too late to turn this back?
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Hello, Trojan89, and welcome to our site!

Yes, diabetes can develop that fast, but no, it's not too late to put diabetes into remission. The A1c levels you've been running indicate that your non-fasting blood sugar often is higher than your fasting blood sugar. A diagnosis of two consecutive A1cs of 6.0 or higher qualifies as "diabetic" in many medical systems. I don't know if they've tossed "the D word" at you yet but your medical clinic may have a different measure to validate the diagnosis.

The good news is that you've only hit the 6.x range. With changes in activity level and what you eat, you probably (we're not doctors but we've seen this work many times) can get your blood sugar levels back to non-diabetic levels. You may need to become even more active. It will help to get back to a normal weight range if you're not already there. And (as you'll know as you've lurked here for a while) you should consider eating fewer carbohydrates (grain products, potatoes, fruit, sweets). The amount of carbohydrates most humans need is way in excess of what their bodies need and bodies which are challenged in moderating carbohydrate/glucose levels don't need to be challenged any more than they are.

Whatever metabolic breakdown in your body has led to diabetes is not likely to change, but you should be able to manage it to the level that avoids the typical complications of diabetes: the neuropathy, the eye and heart problems, etc.

I'd like to refer you to a Web site we've found provides a good understanding of what's going on in your body and how you can address it without getting on the pharmaceutical merry-go-round. We're not affiliated with the site, make no money from it, and maybe don't even agree with 100% of what's on the site, but it's been reliable for us: BloodSugar101. Please take a look; it will help you make some decisions for yourself. Beyond that, we're here, to support you and answer questions. Please keep us informed!
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Thank you I'll look the site and keep watch. I think I'm going to buy those blood glucose monitor things and try to get some more activity in, maybe walk 30mins a day or something. But my job basically means I have to live off fast food as I am away from home most of the time so I'm not sure how to change me meals aside from not ordering any soda
Well, there are insulated lunch bags and those gel bricks you can buy and freeze to keep food cold, even in the Phillippines, I would think. If you're on the road a lot, I would think there are places to get ingredients (vegetables, cured meat, etc.) that you could assemble wherever you're staying and take to work/eat at your overnight place.

If nothing else, there are choices in fast food like not loading up on the buns, rice, potatoes, noodles, and batter-fried foods. It definitely makes it more difficult, but it does not preclude cutting back on carbs. Add some fat to make you feel full and give you some energy once your body adapts to not constantly eating carbohydrates. You can do this!
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I'll put start packing for breakfast and snacks, since sandwiches maybe out of the menu I was thinking of just some pork buns (white outside peeled off). I hear apples and bananas are good for keeping the sugar low. But as for dinner it's either cook a meal at 10pm at home or eat out. The selection here in the Philippines isn't great tbh nearly everything is served with a cup of rice or fried, you'd be hard pressed to find anything green in the fastfood places here (afaik only Wendy's offer it around these parts)
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It can be difficult to pull this off; no lie.

That blood glucose meter is going to be a kind of friend to you (and kind of a snitch) since it will tell you what your body can handle without pushing your blood glucose levels too high. What every diabetic can eat is different. I know I can handle eating a few chunks of watermelon or muskmelon without causing myself too much trouble; other diabetics can't eat more than a sliver. You'll find the foods that really make your blood sugar jump.

(Trying not to write a novel here because it's easy for me to do that) You'll have to decide how low-carb you want to go. You may find it difficult to cut back because of work schedules, local eating preferences, etc. Cutting back some is better for you than just not even trying. You may not be able to get to ketogenic levels, but you could get low enough to stave off needing medication for some years.

Some workarounds can be easier. You may wrap sandwich fillings in nappa cabbage leaves or eat foods that are fried (but not battered with plant flour). Pork belly is rather fatty but it has pretty much zero carbs. The same for eggs. If you can find chicharrónes, they usually have no carbohydrates in them and they make a nice salty snack. Do beware of mixtures like sandwich and dumpling fillings. Pork buns (I'm more familiar with Chinese bao buns than Filipino buns) usually have a barbecue-type sauce that has a surprising amount of sugar in it. Again, you'll have to balance how much you can do with how easy it is to do it. If you can keep your carbohydrate levels low, then fat is not your enemy. You'll be able to eat it and feel satisfied. But don't mix high carbs/high fat -- that way lies a literal world of hurt.
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Thank you for the advice. I am gonna see the doctors tomorrow for the final say on things. But I've been cutting carbs as much as I can (no more milk tea much sadness). Budget is my main issue. Despite my work load I don't make a lot and fastfood is cheap so I am gonna be skipping meals to manage my carb load. Any advice on what to do to avoid those hunger pangs?

You'd think a tropical country has cheap veg. But nooo a kilo of broccoli is is about 1.5 more pricey that chicken or pork
I am gonna be skipping meals to manage my carb load. Any advice on what to do to avoid those hunger pangs?
You may find out you don't have them. At least for people whose carb intake is close to ketogenic (around 20-30 grams of carbohydrates a day), their blood glucose/insulin balance is so tight that they don't experience the peaks and valleys that make people feel hungry (or even "hangry"). I've noticed that I almost never have the "gotta eat!" feelings I had when I wasn't low-carbing. Late for lunch? If I'm busy enough, I don't even notice. Fat and protein fill you up much better than carbs or fiber.

In fact, many people feel comfortable enough skipping meals that they do what's called "intermittent fasting" -- not eating anything during most of their day and getting their calories in during a limited number of hours (like, say, between noon and 4; whatever works for your body and schedule). Many studies and a lot of anecdotes point to that as something to try to aid both glucose levels and weight levels.
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