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I've just moved to the States. I have 2 Canadian credit cards and even though I pay everything completely every month, sooner or later they will be cancelled because both require a Canadian address.

They are really good. Both have no monthly charges, and both give you at least 1% back of everything you spend with them. More under some conditions.

Checking around online, I can't find anything that comes close here. I checked with one person I work with, and he had no idea. He just applied for a couple of cards and didn't even compare charges :eek:

Do you happen to know of any credit card that comes close, or is even better? If you have a MasterCard for example, different banks will issue them with different charges for things, like an annual fee, late payments etc.

Which card do you use, from which bank, and is it sort of reasonable? That might be the best I can hope for.

Thanks in advance.
Good luck in finding a good credit card, I stopped using credit cards in 2006. I have a debit card that I use, I can pay my bills online for free and can use it everywhere. Most banks will offer you a credit line with decent terms.
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