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lantus-does it last 24 hrs

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like it says on the tin , or does it maybe fall short by about an hour or so
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My personal experience is zip, slide, but I've heard many others say it can vary by as much as several hours.
like it says on the tin , or does it maybe fall short by about an hour or so
I have not had any problem with taking Lantus just once per day. For me, it does last 24 hours.
Lantus lasts for 20 to 22 hours. From a discussion with my endo, body chemistry is somewhat of a determining factor, but it will not last the full 24 hours for most people. Most people will only get effect for the full 20 hours and it declines very fast for them after 20 hours, and will lose it's effectiveness generally by 22 to 23 hours.

That is one reason that she did not hesitate when I ask to split it for a shot in the AM and one in the PM. She is very good about discussing my treatment with me and talking with me about different alternatives. When I balk at something, she takes time to let me explain my reasons and then we decide to try or not try a med. We have even gone to her computer for me to show her articles about the side effects and why I don't want to change from something that is working for me.
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You have a very special doctor, Bob, who respects you and listens. We need more like her!
Granny, Yes we do. I now have three doctors like her. I am just hoping that those of us on medicare do not get discriminated against under the new health care law being forced on the doctors and how much they are cutting the reimbursement to them. Several doctors offices are being closed in my area, just because of this.
Our doc told us several years ago that every time he saw a Medicare patient, he may as well just take a $10 bill out of his wallet & put it in the kitty, because that's what it amounted to even back then - losing money. We have good supplementary policies through AMA, and I wonder how much that helps them? I hope the Medicare supplements cover enough that they don't lose money on US.
Well I take it 2x daily so I don't reckon it does but then everyone's different i guess huh

Well I take Lantus 2x daily so I don't know if it lasts for as long as they say or if I'm just weird!!!:spider:
Mine does last a full 24 hours. I've even gone a couple of hours past my normal morning injection without my bg starting to climb. So at least for me it's closer to 26 hours.

I'm really happy with it. 5 units is all I need for that time. I was under the illusion that my insulin resistance couldn't be bad with that kind of sensitivity. BUT then I realized that that is only due to my liver being sensitive to the insulin in the blood.

That is different from muscles being sensitive.
When I was on multiple daily injections and used Lantus it lasted between 16-18 hours for me. Finally my doctor decided it was ok to divide my daily dose into two injections - a.m and p.m. It took me a very long time to convince the doctor that the basal insulin was not lasting the full 24 hours.
Strawberry, I am happy that you were able to convince your doctor. I was fortunate that my endo had no problem with splitting my dosage for am and pm. I have been doing this a little more than a year now and having great success doing this.
Most Lantus users report 18-20 hours of coverage. A few lucky ones 20-24. I fall in the former category. For that reason, I moved my injection from bedtime to morning - so I could combat the late afternoon/evening upward drift.
when i was taking it it lasted around 16hrs
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