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Laser therapy for neuropathy?

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Hi all,
I have some major neuropathy going on and am medicated on gabapentin for it. I have heard of people such as chiropractors and physiotherapists offering laser therapy for this sort of thing. Do any of you know if it is worth trying? Success rates? I don't want to put out the money if there is nothing to it.
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I also have (had) diabetic retinopathy, this was back in the early 1980's (I have been diabetic for 43 years) I had mulitple laser surgeries on both my left and right eyes at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto and a vitrectomy surgery in 1984 in my right eye. I have had no need for further surgeries and my vision was 20/20 after all was said and done. I did not have to wear glasses until 1991 when I turned 30. At that time there was no gabapentin for me to use.
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