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I just got my latest set of blood sugar #s

I really thought theyd be better then they were

a1c 5.9 down from 6.2 in Jan

2 hr after eating 105 UP from 104

12 hr fasting 103 down from 106

I tried something I read to help with the 2 hr after eating

I had an egg and then went for a walk and what happened?

It went up so much for that theory!!!!

Im really at wits end I just dont know what more I can do

back in Oct I had a1c of 5.9 and started to enjoy a few very few treats and it went up 6.2 so I know not to try that again.
so theres really not much I can enjoy for a treat now

My big question though is how can my 2 hr be lower then the 12 hr

I thought that the 12 hr is a starting point then you eat and within the 2 hrs you should be back to where you started from meaning the 12 hr # any thoughts

thanks for listening
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