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sorry I havent been here for awhile--for some reason the site wouldnt let me post--I would always get a message that I wasnt logged in--but I was--now its working again so Im back--I have been reading alot here though--got some great advice

anyways #s are in--some were slightly better then I thought!!!

a1c 5.8 was 5.9 in June

total chlstrol 213 264 in June
tri 106 was 166 in June
HDL 66 was 75--at first I was disappointed that it went down--however all the other #s went down also
LDL 126 175 in June--

I dont quite understand the total though since the total of 106,66,126 equals 289 which is horriable oh well I go for my follow up on the 29th we'll see then

oh I forgot the starving # was 124 up from 121 last time--Im very upset at this one but as usual I was very stressed yet that # goes up yet the a1c goes down!!

oh well we'll see--

thanks for all the great tips--any ideas on my #S
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