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LC pie "crust" (non-dairy/no egg)

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This is a bake-ahead crust to use as a base for dessert toppings. Since it does soak up moisture, its best to use it as needed. We use it at our house to top with a crustless pumpkin pie or cheese cake, and other dessert type concoctions. It is also good plain like a cookie.

LC "Crust"

1-1/2 c almond flour
2 T dry Splenda or 4-5 drops liquid
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp psyllium powder (keeps it from crumbling)
1/4 cup butter or shortening*, melted
2 Tbs water
flavoring of choice** (optional)

(* - I use non-dairy palm oil shortening by Spectrum)
(** - I use 2 drops Capella flavoring: Vanilla Custard or Gram Cracker) or you could just use vanilla extract - approx 1/4-1/2 tsp)

Mix dry ingredients well. Make a well in bowl and pour in shortening and butter. Mix with a spoon to moisten the flour, then use a rubber spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl and further blend the dough.

Place dough on a sil-pad. Cover with waxed paper and roll out to approx. 1/8" thick. With the edge of the rubber spatula, cut into squares. (I usually get 12 squares of a modest size.)

Cool while still on sil-pad - otherwise, if you try to pick the squares up they might break and crumble. (If yours are too fragile, increase the psyllium powder next time.)

I keep a few in the refrigerator for immediate use because they are more firm that way and won't break as easily. The rest I store in the freezer.
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What about the baking part?
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