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leftover insulin

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I noticed someone else wondered about the leftover insulin in the vials after filling up pump reservoir 2 or 3 times. I can get two (2) filled reservoirs out of my insulin vial before opening up a new vial. There can be as much as 30 units left in the bottle that I just have to throw away. Seems a terrible waste of an expensive medication. I tried the recyling, taking a syringe and slurping up the excess insulin from one bottle and injecting another bottle with the filled syringe. Nope, somehow this taints the insulin and plays havoc with your blood sugar. I don't know what else I could do and I wonder if anyone has a good but trusted idea.
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A shame to have to waist anything...this is true.'s all just math and it is what it is. I wouldn't concern myself about it. Life has enough concerns as a diabetic as it is.
Yeah, I'm afraid you are right, but since my insulin is paid for by Medicare the "patriotic" part of me says, "I'm wasting tax-payer money!" On the other hand, I feel I am worth it:smile2:
You are worth it. You sound like a good, patriotic citizen. Anybody at Medicare gives you any flack over just transfer the call to ol' Bountyman...I'll take it from there. :wink2:
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