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When my kids were young, I never had to camouflage the leftovers in some new & different recipe . . . they were always tickled pink when we just cleaned out the fridge once or twice a week, bringing out all the little bits & pieces of leftovers.

Now that we keep such a good supply of low-carb snacks/small meals in the fridge, sometimes we just have to catch up by having a full meal of our little "bits & pieces". Tonight was such a night, and you'd think I hadn't cooked for a month, the way my sweet old man tied into the hot wings, deviled eggs, etc. :D

First he had come in from cutting wood & collapsed in a porch chair - I took him a quart of ice cold peach tea, and he drank the whole thing. That revived him enough to enjoy the meal! ha! I have now mixed another quart of the tea, and he's working on it . . . determined to keep him hydrated.

Who'da thunk? Deviled eggs, hot wings & s/f popcicles . . . good grief! :rolleyes:
Sounds like a fun meal...all those goodies!!!
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