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My GP nurse wanted me to go on Januvia after my last H1 which saw my levels come down to 6.1. Been diagnosed T2 for 10 years and until 2010 I had always been in the 5's. Went up to 7.1 but then brought it back to 6.6 after six months and now to 6.1. If I could have left the test for another couple of weeks I would have been back in the 5's again.
Could not understand why she wanted to drop the gliclazide for the Januvia (have a long history of pancreatitis anyway) but having read up on the med I decided not to take it. Seems to me its giving you medically-induced Aids which then leaves you open to a host of possible side-effects. Being 63 prostate cancer is always a worry, being a smoker I worry about lung cancer and I have the remains of a 5 inch cyst (now a collapsed 1.5 inches!!) sitting on my pancreas - coupled with diabetes (which is trouble with your pancreas) and frequent bouts of pancreatitis (which is trouble with your pancreas!!).
My previous GP, who used to consider himself very internet savvy, used to say that you only took notice of UK web-sites as the US ones bordered on hysteria etc. Could not disagree with him more and have always found the US ones as authoritative as the UK but more honest.
I would not consider Januvia at the mo for all the reasons stated. I think that time will definitely prove me right as it is still a relatively new and (in the long-term) relatively un-tested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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