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Liver Dumps Revisited

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What is your opinion on liver dumps?

20 years ago, I was taught that liver dumps were a bad thing and I should try to take steps to avoid them.

But, now I'm not so sure that it is entirely a bad thing.

If liver dump is happening isn't that an indication that my carb intake has depleted or is being depleted? While I do try to stay in ketosis, an indication that I'm moving towards ketosis( ie a liver dump) is a good thing to a degree, correct?

Finally, i recognize that I'm asking for an opinion that is in the context of my goals for LCHF and ketosis. I agree that for anyone following a SAD, a liver dump just complicates things for them.

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It could be a sign of that, or it could be s a sign that you BG is dropping. Not necessarily low, but lower than your new normal. Your body is pretty happy where ever it is, and when your BG starts going lower than your new normal, its signalling the liver to give it some sugar. That glycogen could be converted from carbs in your diet or even excess protein, so that may be a part of your diuet to examine, is your protein intake too high/
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Type 2. What should you do if BG is high after missing a meal in a.m. on? If it's a LD, I still not sure what to do.
If you're hungry, you should eat. Eating anything seems to stimulate an insulin response, but I wouldn't eat or drink anything carby. Go for something with more fat and/or protein, like bacon and eggs. If not wanting a meal, then eat something like a cheese stick or a handful of nuts. Of course eating less carbs all the time would mean having less glycogen stored in the liver to dump.
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In a normal person, the process of the Liver releasing and taking in glycogen, or sugar, burns up calories. A lot of calories.

Some might say early stages of Type Two diabetes is often, "Carbohydrate Addiction."

Our Insulin levels stay high, so we are like in nearly always, "Liver Dump." When sugar falls, we become hungry.

Consider in morning, our Blood Glucose is often up, at least a bit.

If we take one bite of food, (except not chocolate) and our sugar goes down.
We can surmise, our Insulin Level was driving Liver Dump.

Eating just one bite of nearly anything is enough for the body to stop the early morning dawning phase, or Liver Dump.

If we move around, no food, or drugs, and our Blood Glucose goes up, we are still in Liver Dump phase.

If I get on treadmill, Blood Glucose goes up, I know that I still have more insulin in my blood than absolutely required. However, Since the Glucose Monitor runs fifteen minutes behind, all kinds of bad things can happen.

If I get up with a great Blood Glucose, say 100, I don't know how much Insulin is really available to use.
Easy to forecast a scenario where my Blood Glucose looks great, but I don't have enough Insulin to get sugar into cells. Cells starve to death. I read if a muscle cell dies, it does not come back.

I was speaking with a weight lifter, who told me some really big muscle builders can walk across the floor, and go from normal blood Glucose to extreme low. Which might put them in a critical condition.

Still I have to decide if I should inject Insulin, and how much. But I can sometimes, by detecting the turnaround in Liver Dump, I can see the edge of my having too much insulin.

Problem with living to lose weight, If I have too much Insulin, don't much lose weight. Plus I have to eat to keep my Blood Glucose numbers under control.

If I was not a Diabetic, I could just restrict eating. and lose weight.

I have to tell myself, stay away from the dangerous edges of too little insulin, or extremes in blood glucose. Why it is so painful to lose weight.
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I told the story before, but to repeat it here seems educational.

I was in a hospital after a heart stent, the person who came around every few minutes to check my blood pressure, O2 (make sure I didn't start bleeding.) My EKG was being monitored in the next room.
She told me she was a Type Two Diabetic who used Insulin. One morning, she had car trouble, it was storming, she had kids to get to school who had extra delays. She got to work on time.

She took her Insulin, but did not have time to eat breakfast. She was going through her job.

Suddenly a doc looked at her walking down the hall, "Are you all right?"

"Until just now, yeah. But.. . " Wham she hit the floor passed out.

Three board certified cardiac doctors were suddenly sitting on the floor beside her.

Blood Glucose was over four hundred.
Pulse over Two Hundred.
Blood Pressure in stroke, heart attack range.

What to do?

Some how they got a bit of sugar into her. I don't know if they injected it with those pens we can buy from drug store to get sugar into a diabetic. or if she was awake enough to give her juice or, just a bit of sugar packet.

Her Blood Glucose dropped, and the other symptoms came into normal ranges fairly quickly.

High Blood Glucose levels thicken the blood. Hard on the heart to pump around. Kicks up Blood Pressure. Heart Rate. (which makes me think sometimes when a patient has high blood pressure, docs should treat for early stage diabetes. Instead they usually give drugs which encourage diabetic symptoms.

I want to acknowledge here that type one diabetes has a different set of responses. And some of the things that can happen, well, I don't understand. I don't much worry about Ketosis. I am not a radical Keto diet person, I can not afford it. And I am not a Type One.

I am probably an allergy related Diabetic. What I want to say. We have the same levers to control our diabetes. Food Intake of different types. Insulin. or other diabetic drugs. Exercise. but how they work is different in our exact form of diabetes. And likely how the drugs I take will be different in effect a year from now.

I do believe that I want as many muscle cells as possible. I need all the energy burning engines I can get. And I like feeling strong. Well as strong as is possible for me.
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