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Hello, I am David B. I am a type 1 diabetic and have been for close to 18 years now, having been diagnosed in the first grade. For the past five or six years I have been using the NovoLog FlexPen to deliver my "meal" insulin and for the most part using the pen hasn’t been a problem until fairly recently.

I do not know if the mechanism in this pens have been changed or what, but to my dismay it would seem these pens have gone down in quality. Typically I go through one a week and have noticed that some pens quickly deliver the insulin while others can take a painful several minutes, in some cases I have taken the needle out, repositioned the thing in my hand and did it again, one instance having to do this three times!

Unfortunately I do not have a diabetic doctor at my disposal at this time, having given up on my previous one due to poor bed side manner and an indignant attitude towards my questions, such as the one I will be asking in a moment.

I use two types of insulin, one is NovoLog, the other is Lantus. About two weeks ago, after seeing a physicians assistant to renew my prescriptions while I look for a specialist and a bit of miscommunication, I ended up with a Sanofi Aventis OptiClik pen and I have to say that the difference between the two pens is like night and day. Instead of having to deal with what comes to be like a gamble every time I use novolog, by comparison the OptiClik was completely painless.

My question (and hope) is this: Is there a delivery method similar to the OptiClik for Novolog? I tried the P.A. I saw but because he is not a specialist he was not able to answer my question so it is my hope that the number of diabetics here might be able to recommend something. What I am looking for is a delivery system that has a more robust case that isn’t influenced by how much pressure you put on the button or casing (and thus wont encourage the pen to move around while in the body). Any recommendations would be great.
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