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Combine equal parts of almond meal, gluten and grated parmesan cheese.
Pulse the mixture in a food processor until it is a uniform fine powder.
Use as you would any breading medium - dredge the food in the mixture and fry in moderate amounts of fat.
Egg wash may be used for better adhesion of the breading.

Adapted from Brandi's Breading

<edited to revise recipe>
A greater proportion of gluten improves this a lot. I had a bag of it in the freezer, but it wasn't enough for what I needed it for tonight, so in a hurry, I grabbed the bag of gluten & dumped in a sizeable addition & pulsed it around in the processor again.

It stuck to the meat better and tasted better too, in my considered opinion.

When I make a new batch, I think I'll do 2 parts gluten to 1 part each of almond flour & parmesan.

serving size is 1 oz/28g (this does not include the nutrient count of whatever you're breading, and smaller portions would require less breading)

calories: 122
calories from fat: 50
total fat: 6g
saturated fat: 1g
trans fat: 0g
cholesterol: 6mg
sodium: 111mg
total carbs: 4g
dietary fiber: 1g
sugars: 0g
protein: 15g
vitamin A: 1%
calcium: 11%
iron: 6%


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Must try that the next time. I like to add spices too. I have no problem with it sticking though because I double dip just like I did with regular breading. I do add a tiny bit of cream to a beaten egg and dip in the breading then the egg and back in the breading.

Adding more vital wheat glutin would increase the carbs a bit but you use so little I don't think it would matter

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Depends how quickly I use it. I keep my Honeyville almond flour in the freezer because it can take me a while to go through 5 lbs.
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